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    Sustainable Holiday Destinations

    Here at Hirestreet we’re all about life experiences and memories, and there’s no doubt that some of life’s best are made when you’re on holiday and travelling. The impact that travel has on the environment cannot be ignored and with climate change becoming a pressing issue and sustainable travel gaining momentum we’ve compiled a little list of lovely locations that you can consider which will help minimise your carbon footprint. After all, every little helps. 

    Staycations; a holiday spent in one’s home country. There are so many amazing destinations on our home grounds that are yet to be explored and by visiting somewhere close to home you save money and air miles, in turn helping your wallet and the planet. 

    The Scarlet, Cornwall

     The Scarlet is perfect for a quick weekend getaway, nestled between an array of Newquay’s most gorgeous beaches this eco-friendly hotel; uses a biomass boiler, solar panels and mineral wood insulation to keep emissions low. With regards to experience, The Scarlet offers Yoga, Spa and Wellbeing escapes complete with guided meditations to rest and recharge your batteries. They also offer a Wine adventure package. Why go abroad when you can visit this absolute gem?   

    Eco Yoga Scotland

    Ever heard of yoga retreats in Scotland where the accommodation is completely powered by renewable energy? You have now. Deep in the Scottish Highlands, Eco Yoga is built on the riverside which means the retreat intertwines with the waterfalls and lakes, this the ultimate place for a Yoga retreat. The location is truly enchanting, and you can make use of the hot tubs, saunas and bathe in the wild river baths. 

    If you just can’t resist an abroad getaway, by opting to stay at an eco-friendly destination you’re still making those changes that are contributing toward a better world, so to help you we’ve found some of the best sustainable destinations around the globe.

    We understand the desire to go further afield and explore the globe. Remember to look into offsetting your carbon emissions when taking a flight.

    Aguas De Ibiza, Ibiza

    Certain scenarios spring to mind when we first think of Ibiza; hedonistic partying, rolling in at 7am and repeating it all over again the next night. But Ibiza isn’t just a place to party, it’s home to some of the med’s lushest scenery and sea views. Aguas de Ibiza is recognised as the most environmentally friendly hotel in Ibiza, using smart automation systems to save water and energy. But its eco-friendly reputation does not mean there is a compromise on the quality. It’s situated near Santa Eulalia bay in a tranquil location and follows a Feng Shui philosophy, bringing some zen to Ibiza. It also boasts an award-winning spa for peace and relaxation. However, if you did fancy a wild one…it’s only a 20-minute taxi journey to the nightclubs.   

    Bertram’s Guldsmeden, Copenhagen

    The happiest place in the world, home to hygge (the feeling of wellbeing and contentment) and also one of the most sustainable, bikes outnumber cars here and the city has big dreams to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. Whilst you’re tearing around the city, Bertram’s Hotel is the perfect oasis to escape and wind down from the hustle and bustle. Balinese inspired, the interiors transport you to another world and the hotels approaches sustainability in a holistic manner, implementing a 360-degree sustainable management programme and is Green Globe Certified. We LOVE.

    Serenity Bali Yoga Retreat, Bali

    Affordable, eco-friendly and health focused, you’ll return from Serenity Eco Yoga Retreat a health goddess with a healthy bank balance with countless stories to tell. The retreat is right on the beach and you get to partake in yoga classes and workshops, surf lessons, cooking classes, fruit plantation and even visit waterfalls and springs whilst on gorgeous mountainous hikes. Serene Bali Yoga retreat really values community and ensures a friendly tight knit atmosphere and every day you are nourished with breakfast and dinner in the company of other guests. Where can we sign up?

    Lapa Rios, Costa Rica

    One of the worlds greenest countries, in 2017 nearly 100% of their electricity came from renewable resources, and the countries aspires to be carbon neutral by 2021. Towards the South of Costa Rica, the Lapa Rios Lodge is settled in the heart of the rainforest and overlooking the ocean. If you can’t decide between a tranquil or adventurous holiday, then Lapa Rios is the perfect blend on both. The lodge contains 17 eco-friendly bungalows and preserves more than 1000 acres of surrounding rainforest offering a once in a lifetime experience to connect with the unique nature and amazing wildlife. Offering wellness, paradise beaches and unexplored rainforests, it’s no wonder it’s been voted one of National Geographic’s most unique lodges in the world. Can we book a one-way ticket?

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