Sunday, December 3, 2023

    Renting Made Easy

    We understand that renting outfits can be a new experience for people and at Hirestreet we want renting to be easy and accessible to everyone, so here are some top tips tips to help you on your rental journey.

    1. Get In Touch

    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly Customer Service team, who are always happy to answer any queries you have (there are no stupid questions!). They are easy to reach at: [email protected]

    2. Stop Worrying

    We never want our customers to feel scared to have fun in their outfit because they are worried about getting their item dirty. Our aim is for women to look fab at a low cost and to help the planet, so go out and party in your rental! Please just treat the outfit as if you were borrowing from a friend. We also offer insurance for just £4 for anyone who is still worried.

    3. Join The Community

    Hirestreet isn’t just a rental company, we are a community. Our customers understand that rental is sharing. Making sure you get your rentals back on time, or letting us know when you can’t (we understand these things happen) helps everyone in the Hirestreet community to get their items.

    4. Book Early

    We hate disappointing customers, so please book your rental in advance. We have a lot of gorgeous dresses that are very popular, so get booked out very quickly. By planning ahead you increase your chances of getting the dress everyone wants.

    5. Check Out Our New In Outfits

    A way to stay ahead of the trends is to check out our ‘New In Outfits’ section. We usually upload new stock at least once a week – by keeping up to date with our fab new outfits, you can always stay trendy. 

    6. Ask For Rental Credit

    We understand that sometimes items don’t fit, but not to worry! We offer rental credit for unworn items. Simply return the item to a post office using the prepaid returns bag and email us. We will credit the amount you paid for the item to your account to use again on a future rental.

    7. Ask About Styling

    Our Stylist team can help you with any styling questions you have – from Ascot to a holiday in Ibiza, they can send you recommendations and give you tips on how to wear each item. 

    8. Take Pics and Spread The Word

    We always want to see our customers looking fab in their rentals. Take pics and tag us on Instagram or hashtag #hirestreet to be featured on our site. Rental is the future of fashion, so spread the word and tell your friends how they can get gorgeous outfits at a low price whilst being sustainable. 

    9. Give Yourself Enough Time

    Unfortunately, in life not everything goes to plan – it’s the same with our courier services. Sometimes things don’t get delivered on time for reasons outside our control. Please make sure you get your outfit delivered at least one or two days before your event date to ensure you get to wear what you ordered. It also gives you more time to try it on and get an exchange if for whatever reason the item is not quite right.

    10. Experiment

    A bonus of renting clothes is that you can have fun and experiment with different styles and brands whilst still being sustainable. We stock over 40 brands from around the world, so don’t be afraid to try something different!

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