Friday, January 27, 2023

    The Gatsby Party Edit

    “In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars…”

    – F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Ball Season is well underway, and we’re sure that amongst the hundreds of invitations you’re bound to receive, at least one will be a Gatsby Themed or Roaring 20s Party. The decadent Great Gatsby theme promises all the excitement and excesses of the 1920’s. Expect art decor, glamour, jazz, dancing and plenty of champagne. But what to wear? 

    Check out our dresses to rent that are perfect for the occasion, and don’t be afraid to over-accessorise with plenty of pearls, feathers, gloves and headbands!

    Winona Broadway Mini Silver Dress – Rent from £40
    Frock & Frill Pink V-Neck Embellished Maxi Dress – Rent from £31
    Jarlo Cosima Embellished Maxi Dress – Rent from £19
    White Bodycon Halterneck Midi Dress – Rent from £16
    Black And Gold Plunging Maxi Dress – Rent from £20
    Gold Sequin Maxi Dress – Rent from £14
    LEXI Kari Dress In Black – Rent from £62
    Keepsake The Label Now And Then Gown – Rent from £39
    Winona Broadway Maxi Dress Silver – Rent from £45
    LEXI Samira Blue Maxi Dress – Rent from £47
    Bardot Sequin Velvet Dress In Black – Rent from £25
    Frock & Frill Cami Fringed Midi Dress – Rent from £28
    Bardot Stripe Sequin Stripe Slip – Rent from £24
    French Connection Pink Belted Maxi Dress – Rent from £17
    ASOS Embellished Asymmetric Maxi – Rent from £24
    Pretty Lavish Metallic Spot Satin Midi Dress – Rent from £16
    Black Beaded Wrap Maxi Dress – Rent from £22
    LEXI Adora Dress In Olive Green – Rent from £54
    Black One Sleeves Sequin Maxi – Rent from £24
    Frock & Frill Navy V-Neck Embellished Maxi Dress – Rent from £31

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