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    2020: The Year of Green

    After eating double our body weight in Christmas food and drinking waaaay too much champagne, the beginning of January is a good time to reflect on how we can try be more sustainable in 2020. Here are some of Hirestreet’s New Years’ resolutions:

    1. Say Bye to Single Use Plastic

    It’s time to say goodbye to everyday single-use plastic, so maybe think about buying a water bottle (@chillysbottles), coffee cup (@frankgreen_official) or a reusable straw (@laststrawofficial), so that everyday can be a little more sustainable.

    2. Enjoy a More Environmentally Friendly Period

    Take control of your period and its impact on the planet by exploring sustainable period products. We’ve partnered with the amazing Dame (@wearedame) who sell eco-friendly tampons and sustainable applicators. We also love these other period brands: Wuka (@Wukawear) and Mooncup (@mooncupltd) for a sustainable option.

    3. Meet-Free Mondays

    Try and reduce your meat consumption and learn more about where your food comes from, or try Veganuary!

    4. Take Your Own Bags

    Make it your mission to take your own bags to shops EVERYTIME! There are super cute tote bags available from various brands so you’ll definitely be able to find one in your style.

    5. Follow Planet Loving Influencers

    Share clothes with friends, donate your old clothes to charity shops, shop from companies that are looking after the planet (like Hirestreet!!)

    6. Follow Planet Loving Influencers

    Lots of content on social media is based around consumerism, so why not spread your wings and follow influencers and organisations that are encouraging a positive impact on the planet. Here are just a few that we love: @iam_samata, @sustainably_vegan and @venetiafalconer.

    7. Finally… Focus on Yourself

    Not necessarily a sustainable resolution, but at Hirestreet we believe the importance in feeling yourself. In 2020 we recommend that you look good, feel good and do good. You can start by renting one of our gorgeous outfits for as little as £9!

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