Sunday, December 3, 2023

    A Moment With… Bardot

    Bardot Australia was one of the first brands that joined us on Hirestreet and ever since, they have been amongst our top rented by customers. We caught up with the girls at Bardot to hear a little bit more about their brand, their thoughts on sustainability and their tips on who to follow.

    What is the inspiration behind Bardot?

    Bardot Launched in 1996 and is an Australian powerhouse consisting of the hottest fashion styles for women. Bardot is an aspirational fashion experience for women that are playful, bold and always ahead of the fashion curve.

    Bardot style in three words…?

    Trend-driven, luxurious, and bold

    Bardot Pink Shock Camille Dress – Rent from £27

    How do you want her to feel when she wears Bardot?

    Bardot embodies confidence and empowerment with an individual take on trends for women who know their style.

    Why did Bardot choose to partner with Hirestreet?

    We see a great opportunity to work with Hirestreet as we’re new to dress rental game! It’s also super exciting to be able to share our brand with the UK market.

    Bardot Jayden Bow Dress – Rent from £23

    The fashion industry seems to be up against a lot of scrutiny at the moment (particularly fast fashion houses) in terms of their environmental impact. How do you predict the fashion industry as a whole will innovate towards becoming more sustainable?

    At Bardot we believe in creating thoughtfully designed pieces consumers will not only fall in love with but will stay in love. Ensuring a high level of quality and make allowing longevity of every piece created.

    Bardot Pink Shock Raegan Midi Dress – Rent from £18

    If you could only pick one Bardot piece on Hirestreet to rent, what would it be and where would you wear it?

    It would have to be the Charlotte Floral Dress for date night! This is such a beautiful feminine style that would make any girl stand out and feel incredible.

    What does sustainable fashion mean to Bardot?

    Sustainable fashion to Bardot means creating unique premium pieces at a reasonable price so our customers can feel confident that their investment pieces are made to last.

    Bardot Pink Sequin Dress – Rent from £24

    We’re always looking for fresh style inspiration, who do you think we should we be following on Instagram right now?

    Our favourite collaborators include Valentina Ferrer, Rozalia Russian, Raquel Leviss and Naila Nazer.

    Bardot is one of our most rented brands, why do you think Australian style is so hot in the UK right now?

    We’re dedicated to affordable luxury with a bespoke point of difference, and our unique pieces make Bardot the destination for any occasion from outings to formal dressing.

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