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    How To Boss Working From Home

    I’m sure many of you, like me, were initially excited to start working from home – you get an extra hour of sleep in the mornings and you can stay in your PJs all day! However, after 2 weeks of working from my kitchen, I am now itching to get back to the office. I long for the days of leaving the house in the morning, actually conversing with people face to face and not being tempted to eat all the snacks I bought for isolation in one day.

    I think it can be very easy to become demotivated whilst WFH and the days can become long, but please don’t worry as you are not alone. Here are some top tips on how to stay on track and boss working from home.

    Get Ready

    This might seem like a simple one, but it’s important to still get changed, brush your teeth and do your skincare every day. This will help you set a routine, and not make the error of sitting on a video call with your manager in your pyjamas!

    Emily Hess,

    Break Up The Day

    Go for walks or jogs

    It can be really boring doing work all day (even our bosses will be bored!), so it’s great to break up the day with activities. If it’s a nice day go for a walk on your break or lunch, or if you’re feeling energetic you can go for a run. Please still adhere to the Government’s policy of social distancing and only leave the house if you are not experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or are not living with anyone who has any symptoms.

    Connie And Luna,


    Another fab way to break up the day is to do home work outs. Now that I’m working from home, I sadly can’t use the excuse that I don’t have time to do exercise. There are some amazing work out videos on Youtube – from pilates to HIIT there is something for everyone. Exercise is a great way to burn off those extra calories from eating all your snacks and to increase your endorphins and serotonin. Here are some great vids we recommend:

    30 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout For Beginners, Body Project
    HIIT Home Workout, Lucy Wyndham-Read
    30-Minute Strength, Cardio and Pilates Core Workout, POPSUGAR Fitness


    You can also break up your day by reading a book during lunch or for a break. You’ll most likely be staring at a screen for a lot of the day, so getting into a book, even if it is just for 10-15 minutes, will help you feel less squared eyed. Here are some books that the Hirestreet team have read and loved:

    Becoming by Michelle Obama
    Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo
    Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness by Vex King

    Don’t Sit On The Sofa

    It’s easy to end up sitting on the sofa all day, trying to do work and watch Netflix at the same time, which can lead to a very sore back and an unproductive day. If possible, I would sit at a desk, dining room table, breakfast bar, etc. so you can sit more upright and not be as distracted. It’s good to still have music or a podcast on in the background to keep you going. Whether you’re able to sit at a desk or whether you have to sit on your sofa, having non-ergonomic chairs may put pressure on the neck and back. Try to do some stretches every day – there are some amazing videos on Youtube:

    Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Relief, Yoga With Adriene
    6 Exercises to Strengthen Your Back, POPSUGAR Fitness

    Start A Hobby

    Now that you’re not spending time to commute to and from the office, you have more time to take up a hobby. Do something you’ve always wanted to try, like painting, baking, cooking or writing. I’ve tried to cook more now that I’m at home, and it’s nice having that extra time to make meals that I usually wouldn’t have time to make.

    Cravings: Hungry For More by Chrissy Teigen
    Vegan Treats by Emma Hollingsworth

    Vino Video Calling

    Just because bars and restaurants are now closed, it doesn’t mean you can’t see your friends or have after work drinks. Make plans with your friends, significant other or colleagues and video call them over FaceTime or Skype. You can still drink some wine and have a laugh with those close to you without having to meet up. Add some cheese for a cheese and wine night, or cook a meal at the same time.


    Try to end your work day with some yoga or meditation to help you wind down, relax and de-stress. It’s very important to practice mindfulness, especially during this period of isolation. There are some amazing apps and videos that you can use to help you.

    This can be downloaded from the App Store on your phone
    Yoga For Complete Beginners, Yoga With Adrienne
    Meditation for Self Love, Yoga With Adrienne

    I hope you like our recommendations!

    Stay safe. Lot of love, Hirestreet x

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