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    Outfits I Can’t Wait To Wear

    In these bizarre times, it’s more important than ever to try and stay positive. Potentially naively (given what 2020 has thrown at us so far), I still feel optimistic that come June we will get to enjoy summer holidays, friends weddings, garden BBQs,  birthdays and race days. In fact, on the other side of this, if anything I think we should be perfectly set up for some incredible parties…

    All this downtime lately has led to new found appreciation for the small things in life, from choosing what I wear to the office more carefully on days I am seeing the girls for drinks, to carefully planning outfits weeks in advance for big occasions… there is so much I miss about the tiny parts of my fashion routine that I entirely took for granted.

    With that in mind, I’m putting this quarantine time to good use – and shortlisting the outfits that I can’t wait to wear:

    Keepsake The Label Royal Blue Beloved Midi Dress – Rent from £35


    This Keepsake The Label Royal Blue Beloved Midi Dress is definitely aptly named. It is so loveable and different! It’s long sleeves and high neck make it perfect for the strict dress code, however the bright colour and frill detail make it special and summery! I would pair with red accessories to make the colour pop.

    Let’s face it Ascot is an expensive day out, so renting your dress really does take some of the sting out of your June monthly outgoings – this dress is just £35 for 4 days – that’s a saving of basically £200 compared to buying it!

    Atoir Gold Amber Back To Love Dress – Rent from £60

    The Wedding Abroad

    Atoir – Gold Amber Back To Love Dress (we are absolutely not surprised this is pretty much sold out everywhere – the perfect reason to try renting it!). This gorgeous maxi would be perfect with a tan – it’s such a statement look I am thinking of styling it quite minimally.

    It is one of our more expensive pieces (deservedly so), but is available from £60 for 4 days – which is a bargain compared to spending nearly £400 if you had to buy it!

    Finders Keepers Chiquita Pantsuit – Rent from £26

    My Birthday

    As a May baby I am usually pretty lucky with Birthday weather. This means typical celebrations include being out doors and consuming plenty of Rosé. It’s only £26 to rent for 4 days, which when you think about it is basically just the cost of another bottle of wine…

    Styling wise, because this jumpsuit is a block colour, I would definitely be tempted to dress up with either some oversized earrings, or a statement headband/scarf.

    My Best Friends Hen party (round 2)

    Saylor Meghan Midi Dress -Rent from £65

    Every time the girls get back from a photo shoot I ask them what their favourite dresses were – I remember that this Saylor Meghan Midi Dress was everyones favourite on the day that we shot it. I honestly still don’t even think the pics do it justice!

    One of my best friends is hopefully getting married this May (corona allowing), and as a last hurrah (Round 2 because obviously one hen party wasn’t enough) – we are going on an old school ‘Geordie’ girls night out. I love this dress because it is bright bold and perfect for a party but also super flattering and comfortable to last through what is going to be a long night!

    The Rehearsal dinner

    Talulah Green With Envy Midi – Rent from £35

    I can’t say I have been to many of these before, but I am thinking outfit wise it needs to be comfortable enough to eat 3 fabulous courses, as well as respectful – I think the majority of other guests are family members!.

    Unlike the other events, I didn’t have a stand out option for this – which meant I got to enjoy going through the website trying to figure out what I would like to wear. I have loved this dress since last Summer when I saw so many gorgeous customer photos in it. Talulah is one of our most popular brands – it’s not widely available in the UK and from experience as a brand it’s pretty much guaranteed to get compliments.


    Winona Aqua Indio Maxi Dress – Rent from £40

    OK so holidays are my favourite occasions to rent outfits for. I could list so many here because let’s be honest each holiday is different, and it’s such a lovely feeling to have a different amazing dress for each night of your holiday… However I have tried to cut it down to my 3 absolute faves starting with this Winona Aqua maxi.

    Winona is one of our most popular brands, and this is their lead piece this summer which basically means you know it’s going to be good… Check out their campaign shoots of it – they are incredible!

    Saylor Dahlia Set – Rent from £63

    Saylor is a one of our new brands for Summer 2020 – we found them on Revolve’s best seller list and we haven’t looked back since. Their styles are ultra feminine and unique.

    I can’t wait to wear this co-ord to a beach party this summer – it can so easily be dressed down with flip flops and in my opinion would look even better paired with a giant cocktail.

    Lavish Alice Yellow Lime Bandeau Culotte Jumpsuit – Rent from £17

    As someone with fairly bronzed skin (typically only between May & September) and dark hair I actually love wearing yellow. I often feel like I have to squeeze in my yearly quota of yellow into the summer months and this Lavish Alice Jumpsuit is very “me”. I can picture this dressed down with flipflops and an oversized hat or dressed up with some statement earrings and heels.

    Lavish Alice are one of our most popular brands and honestly the price point is hard to say no to – this jumpsuit starts at just £17 for 4 days… I can’t wait!

    Girls if this coronavirus has taught us anything, its the importance of spending time doing things you love – and being grateful for the little things that make up every day. I also feel really motivated to be more sustainable and conscientious in my shopping habits (I have just done a massive wardrobe clean-out of stuff I literally never wear), and I am enjoying the fact that I might actually save money this month to spend over summer.

    Whatever your summer plans may be, we hope you have an absolutely fabulous time, and if you would like any help choosing your rentals then please do get in touch with one of our stylists who would be more than happy to assist!

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