Sunday, December 3, 2023

    Lean In 10: The Best 10 Min Workout Vids To Keep You Toned During Lockdown

    Working from home or not working at all due to the current crisis? It can be easy and tempting to go from bed to sofa and back again every day, but we all know thats no good. Not only is staying active hugely important for our wellbeing, setting yourself physical goals and quickly noticing improvements to both your body and mind is hugely empowering too!

    If like me, you can be a bit lazy and usually struggle committing to regular exercise sessions (boring), these mini workouts will be your new best friend! They’re super easy to follow, require minimal / no equipment, and can even be quite fun, meaning maximum results from workouts you’re more likely to stick to!

    Good luck, enjoy, and let me know how you get on in the comments below!

    Everybody loves cardio

    Ok maybe not everybody, I personally hate cardio and usually either skip it or do a pathetic casual jog until I barely break a sweat! But cardio is so important and shouldn’t be missed. It’s key for raising the heart rate, burning calories and warming up the body (reducing chance of injury). Most importantly, cardio releases endorphins, which is the feel good factor of exercise, so let’s aim to make cardio as fun as possible! This jumping work out is a personal fave, for some reason jumping doesn’t feel like exercise yet I guarantee you’ll be a sweaty, out-of-breath mess before it’s finished!

    No equipment needed.

    Tone that core

    If you ever needed inspiration to work on your core, simply take one look at Maddy Lymburner… ab-solute goals! This workout is over before you know it, and you’ll be glad once it is, as it’s killer from approximately 30 seconds in, but that’s how you know it’s working wonders right?

    No equipment needed: just a mat or a towel to lie on.

    Pump that peach

    There’s no doubt that bums are in and are here to stay, so let’s make sure we’re shaping them good. Gone are the days of boring and painful squat challenges, Nicole proves that peach workouts are fun and you can look great doing them too. This quick work out is a real burner, is completely low impact (so no chance of hurting your knees), and even tones your legs at the same time! Tie die rainbow leggings are compulsory!

    No equipment needed: just a mat or a towel to lie on.

    For those sculpted arms

    Victoria Beckham is known for her slender shape, so when she shared her arm workout this week, I was so keen to try it. I’ve always been hesitant to work out my arms at the risk of gaining too much muscle but I bet VB’s Tracey Anderson Method routine would focus on sculpting and toning rather than gaining muscle. I wasn’t wrong! Within 5 mins, the burn is real and the next day your arms are left feeling super tight, which can only mean its working wonders! Needless to say I’ve added this routine to my regular workout repertoire, and I honestly can’t wait to see the results in a few weeks!

    Minimal equipment needed: small weights and a towel (or can be done without)

    Don’t forget to stretch

    And you’ve done it… 40 minutes of intense mini workouts, you must be feeling fab (and aching and exhausted, I know). It’s time to breath and focus on each muscle in your body, thanking it for working so hard. Stretching is absolutely vital in preventing injury and stiffness, so take it slow. This is also the time for your mind to unwind and to appreciate your body’s flexibility and strength. What better way to deep stretch than some full body yoga?!

    No equipment needed: just a mat or a towel to lie on.

    Now repeat each workout 4 times… no, I’m kidding! But to truly see and feel results, try to practice these workouts regularly. It will get easier, promise!

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