Thursday, September 28, 2023

    A Moment With… Talulah

    We’ve been absolutely obsessed with Talulah since bringing them onboard right at the beginning of the Hirestreet journey. We eagerly wait their monthly edit and they never disappoint when it comes to bold floral prints and statement silhouettes, topping our stylists recommended picks time and time again! We catch up with the Talulah team to hear a little more about their brand story…

    Briefly tell us the inspiration behind Talulah?

    Talulah pieces are at once both modern and timeless, designed to be elegant with our distinct Talulah flair. We are constantly inspired by how our pieces make the wearer feel – we want our customer to feel confident, beautiful and, most importantly, like herself! Each piece is designed with this in mind.

    Define Talulah style in three words?

    Elegant and delicate, yet bold.

    Talulah All My Days Midi Dress – Rent from £58

    How do you want her to feel when she wears Talulah?

    We would like for our pieces to excite the wearer, making her feel beautiful and feminine. We’d like to think our pieces reflect the intrepid spirit of the Talulah woman, embracing the bold and accentuating her effervescence. As mentioned, our customers are our inspiration, so how they feel is of the utmost importance.

    Why did Talulah decide to partner with Hirestreet?

    We love that Hirestreet makes fashion more accessible for all women! Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and feminine, the fact that Hirestreet is helping more women to do this is admirable, to say the least.

    The fashion industry seems to be up against a lot of scrutiny at the moment (particularly fast fashion houses) in terms of their environmental impact. How do you predict the fashion industry as a whole will innovate towards becoming more sustainable?

    We believe all designers and brands have a responsibility to act ethically and sustainably in all endeavours! We can see the public are beginning to turn to more carefully designed, thoughtful pieces – which is fabulous! There are real people behind brands; putting a lot of thought, care and LOVE into each individual piece.

    Talulah Real Love Baby Midi Dress – Rent from £49

    If you could only pick one Talulah piece on Hirestreet to rent, what would it be and where would you wear it?

    So hard to choose! But probably the Garland mini. With timeless florals and an ultra-flattering cut, this piece is the definition of modern elegance. It’s the perfect celebration dress, especially for a guest at a wedding!

    Talulah Garland Mini Dress – Rent from £34

     What does sustainable fashion mean to Talulah?

    Talulah pieces are designed to be worn for years to come, as opposed to worn once and disposed of. ‘Disposable trends’ are detrimental to the environment. Talulah has been partnering with Hire/Rental boutiques, like Hirestreet, for a few years now. Renting outfits reduces the likelihood of wearing something once and throwing it away, reducing landfill!

    Talulah Merengue Midi Dress – Rent from £34

    We’re always looking for fresh style inspiration, who do you think we should we be following on Instagram right now?

    We’re loving the timeless and elegant style of Tash Oakley (@tashoakley)! We also adore the style of Agatha Witchert (@agathavpw), Alexandra Talifero (alexandratalifero), Nadia Bartel (@nadiabartel) and Lana Wilkinson (@lanawilkinson). – Wearing Talulah White Polka Dot Midi Dress – Rent from £32

    The Talulah brand is known for its bold colours and statement patterns, what is the inspiration behind this? 

    Talulah pieces are delicate in design yet bold in attitude – we’d like to think this is a reflection of our customers! Unapologetically herself, the Talulah woman stands proud in styles designed to be as vivacious and elegant as she.

    Check out our Talulah edit here

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