Sunday, December 3, 2023

    How To Host A Virtual Ladies Day… And What To Wear!

    If anyone else is really missing the thought of going for a day out at the races with the girls – then worry not. Here is how you can host your very own race-day in lockdown. The perfect way to avoid having to do another zoom quiz… We know that there are some people who are doing more complicated versions of the below – but here is our own very simple Hirestreet horse racing (which takes 5 mins to set up)

    Getting set up:

    1. As host you need to choose your horse racing videos, we recommend choosing 6 historic races that attendees at your virtual race day will have no way of knowing the results of (i.e. don’t choose the 2019 Grand National!) We recommend this source for videos – – you do need to make an account, but it gives you access to races going back years – as well as the associated horses & their jockeys outfits.
    2. On the night make sure you are using a video call service that lets you share your screen, and be sure to have links to each of your chosen 6 races easily available
    3. We recommend making a presentation, where each slide has the runners & riders for the upcoming race (please note for this super simple version, we removed odds as it is a winner takes all approach).

    How To Play

    1. Before each race, attendees will be given the opportunity to place their bets – (we recommend as a host having a lovely assistant to help you make notes of everyones choices!)
    2. To imitate an actual race day, we recommend playing with real money – we suggest asking players to put £20 into a pot (it’s still going to be the cheapest race day they’ve ever attended). Players must bet at least £20 over the 6 races, and they may bet winnings from previous races. We recommend keeping track of peoples winnings (attempts to cheat/instances of poor maths guaranteed)
    3. Rules of betting: you have to bet on at least 1 horse per race (unless you have run out of money). You can bet as much as you want on any horse (subject to having enough money). All bets will be to Win (i.e. no “each way betting”)
    4. Scoring: The race video is played. The people who have backed the winning horse, will get to split the total prize money from that race between them. For example, if you have 10 players and they all bet £5 on the first race. The total pot associated to that race is £50. If two people have backed the winning horse, then they each receive £25. If only one person has backed the winner, they receive the full £50! If nobody backs the winning horse, then all the prize money rolls over to the next race!
    5. This is a very simple version, which ignores odds & is very easy to set up/have fun with. We recommend winnings are donated to chosen charities at the end of the event.

    Finally for the most important part… What to wear! Fascinators are encouraged.

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