Thursday, February 29, 2024

    Make 2021 your most Sustainable year yet

    If your resolution is to be more sustainable in 2021, then why not try these quick changes to transform your lifestyle today!

    1. Cut back on meat consumption

    The meat industry has links to increased CO2 emissions and deforestation, so go green with you food choices this year! Why not try meat-free Monday, or a half vegetarian week? If you want to go the full hog, why challenge yourself to Veganuary this Jan? Here’s our fave vegan IG’s for inspo: @elavegan @lucywatson @accidentlyveganuk @ohsheglows


    2. Eco-friendly periods

    It’s so easy now to have an environmentally-friendly period. Ditch the wasteful pads and tampons and switch to reusable or sustainable alternatives, like the DAME @wearedame sustainable tampons and applicators. Why not try Mooncup @mooncupltd or WUKA @wukawear period pants whilst you’re at it? 

    3. Download some sustainable apps

    Download at least one sustainable app and make a point of going on them frequently… start off with one of our faves: Too Good To Go, ReGAIN, Ecosia, ThredUP, Tap, Olio and so many more!


    4. Put on an extra layer

    Be aware of how often you’re cranking up the heating, especially during the coldest months. Instead, grab for that jumper or blanket and save both money and your carbon footprint in the process!


    5. Spend more time outdoors

    If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we LOVE spending time outdoors! And what’s good, is the more time we spend outdoors, the less we spend time spend relying on the electricals powering our homes! So, turn off the lights and get outside!



    Planning is the key to success! Plan your food shop and meals for the week to reduce waste, plan to take your reusable coffee cup when you go on your walk, plan to take reusable bags with you when you go shopping. If you plan, you succeed! 


    7. Wear sustainably

    Choose second-hand, borrow, or rent! Get that new outfit feeling for half the price, but double the happiness. We love Depop, eBay or The Handbag Clinic for buying second-hand! 

    Or check out our Pre-Loved site to buy some of our ex-hired outfits


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