Sunday, December 3, 2023

    How to Re-style Your Living Room in Lockdown

    We’re spending more time than ever in our living room, so why not make it your little sanctuary? Here’s our top tips to de-clutter, paint, re-organise, source new artwork, add plants, and much more. Make your house a home!

    1. Declutter

    Take a few minutes to look at your space and think about what you can get rid of. People tend to over clutter areas like their mantel piece and shelving space. These are areas to re-assess, and remove one thing. It’s SO simple but making a small change can transform your space. Remember less is more and these spaces don’t always need to be symmetrical.

    2. Go Shopping (around your house)

    Go shopping… around your house. Change up your photo frames and ornaments, go into your kitchen, dining room or even bedroom, and swap around decorative items. These could be vases, books, pictures and even cushions. Little things like this can really make your room feel new and fresh.

    3. Make furniture adjustments 

    Move your sofa. Although it’s very easy to get comfortable with how your furniture has been probably for the last 5 years, the way furniture is laid out completely changes the space. And, remember it can always be moved back if you don’t like it. Try moving your sofa’s opposite each other or changing the direction of your L shape, even something so subtle as moving a console in to the space can change it up. 

    4. Paint it! 

    As we have been in and out of lockdown for nearly a year now I think most people would be lying if there wasn’t a little mark or scuff on the wall that annoys them every time they sit down to watch TV or relax. Whether you want to do your own home DIY job and re-paint the whole room or just touch up your white walls, freshening up your space can make it feel like a brand new room.

    How to choose your colour: If your living room is on the smaller side with not much light, I would choose a lighter colour that still has some warmth in. Two neutral shades look great together if you wanted to have your skirting and cornicing different colours (which I strongly recommend). If you have lots of windows and have lots of light, I would recommend to be brave and go dark! Lots of people fear colour but you won’t regret it. Always test patch your colours as their appearance can change tone on different surfaces, and dependant on lighting.

    5. Online shopping

    Although this may be obvious, the addition of new homeware can make a huge difference to your space and help set a theme. Buy versatile products such as a nice throw or even as small as a new photo frame. This means they won’t go out of fashion should you wish to change up your space again in a year or two, and can be used in other areas of the house.

    6. Clean!

    Mrs Hinch it! Clean up your space, wipe down all surfaces, and get rid of any dust. This will help you really start with a blank canvas and not have that annoying moment where you spot a cobweb in the corner, or a mark on your walls after you have finished redesigning your space. 

    7. Art & Mirrors

    Add pieces of art or pictures to your walls, but be careful not to over do! Hanging art or wall hangings can bring a sense of personality and character to your space. Mirrors can also make your room feel more spacious and reflects light making your space feel brighter. 

    8. Plants

    Plants bring so much life to a space, whether they are real or faux; a bit of greenery can go a long way. Dependant on the size of your space, I would always suggest a bigger plant such as an Olive Tree, Fiddle Fig Tree or Monteresa. These are all easy-ish to maintain, and they are perfect to place in a seagrass basket, which will again bring warmth in to your living room. If you don’t want to have to maintain a plant there are also some good faux options of the plants mentioned above online. 

    9. Cushions

    A living room isn’t complete without cushions! Invest in some new ones and a fresh colour scheme… or if you’re really bored in lockdown, make your own! A friend of mine has made her own cushions and they look amazing. If you don’t want to invest in new cushions and don’t have the time to make your own, replace the cushion pad/filler – there is nothing worse than seeing a limp cushion. Make them full again and bring them back to life. 

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